Update online

Unfortunally there were problems with the language selection after the start of Andrador, so I reworked the system. The language versions are now separated by domains, so that search engines don't have a problem anymore to cover both versions.

Besides other bug fixes and small changes I have added two new features to the articles: content notice and a paragraph for the sources.

New technical innovations are planned for this year. But in the near future I will concentrate fully on the content and publish the first article next month. You can find all changes here:

New Features

  • Integrated the language selection. The english content is now available on andrador.com and the german content via andrador.de
  • Integrated content warnings in posts
  • Integrated sources in posts
  • Posts: Added the date
  • Posts: Added back-to-top arrows


  • The dates of the comments are now localized for the visitors.
  • Content Notice, sources and audio versions will only be shown, if there are entries in the database.
  • Updated the privacy policy


  • Fixed the German translation of the title and bodytext in the article selection.
  • Fixed the links to the sites, that show articles filtered by category or keywords.
  • Fixed mail templates.

Author Calandron
About My name is Christian. I'm a historian, stay-at-home-dad, book trader and former publisher. I love reading and writing Fantasy/SciFi and I enjoy playing pen-and-paper and LARP. Beside this worldbuilding-blog, I'm currently working on a transmedia-storytelling-project.