Worldbuildingkit becomes

After a long development time, my worldbuilding project is online again with a new name! In the future you will find all articles in English and German on In order zu facilitate acccess, you are now able to download the regular blog posts as podcasts and e.g. listen to them on the go. You can look forward to new articles in the following areas:


Everything about worldbuilding: We take a look behind the scences of culture, society and (hi)stories. I always want to give you specific examples, ideas and suggestions for your own projects as well as sources to deepen the respective topic. I also introduce you to my own fantasy world, which I have been developing for years: Andrador.


Do you want to create own maps or design the banner for your fantasy realm? How does writing program XY work? No problem, I will accompany you step by step and show you how you can fill your worlds with life with the help of free (e.g. GIMP) or paid (e.g. Scrivener) software.

How to Cliché

The name of the category will probably change, but the content remains: Here we make fun of literary clichés.

Pen, Scroll and Abacus

A webcomic, a coliving community, three roommates: author Celia (Pen), history student Balduin (Scroll) and astrophysics student and Let's Player Ayumi (Abacus). The three are enthusiastic role players and regularly plunge into Celia's imaginary worlds.

I will add further functions to the website in the coming month and plan to develop worldbuilding tools such as a map generator. Unfortunatly there is no space for the old articles in the new format, but I am now regularly supplying new content. These will remain accessible free of charge as before and I will of course continue to save you advertising. If you want to support the project, you can find more information here. Constructive criticism, suggestions, opinions? I look forward to your comments and your future visit.

Author Calandron
About My name is Christian. I'm a historian, stay-at-home-dad, book trader and former publisher. I love reading and writing Fantasy/SciFi and I enjoy playing pen-and-paper and LARP. Beside this worldbuilding-blog, I'm currently working on a transmedia-storytelling-project.