Terms of use

The most popular lie of our time

"Of course I have read the 24-page terms of use and the 48 page privacy policy!" Our daily lie while surfing through the internet or while installing a game. But let's be honest: I don't think anyone's gonna read this. This terms of use of course still apply and should one of the regulations be ineffective, the remaining regulations remain unaffected by this. That sounds very official and important, but I'd rather now play a RPG, instead of writing this text. If you like to waste your precious life time or if you need a sleep aid: Here you will find the privacy policy and see for yourself what I do with your data. Muhaha! Spoiler: as little as possible. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies.


There is a lot of work and passion in this website. You can access all content free of charge, but of course the legal copyright applies to all content. In most cases, the copyright for texts, pictures, comics, videos, sound recordings and other creative products is with me. Any publication or use, including excerpts, is only permitted with my written approval. In the case of copyrighted material that does not originate form me (e.g. guest contributions or stock photos), I specify the respective creators directly. Please respect other people's work, espacially if you can access the content for free. You can find out how to support the project here.

Conversational tone

Please be polite to each other, respect your conversation partners and make sure that all discussions take place at eye level. There is always room for constructive critisism, but: insults, hate comments and other toxic behavior are - surprise! - completely out of place and contradict these terms of use. Who would have guessed that?

Wrong place

With this project I adress all people interested in worldbuilding. Exceptions are people who feel restricted in their own freedom of speech because racist, misogynous, homophobic, anti-semitic, abelist or otherwhise discriminating contents are prohibited. Freedom of speech does not mean that I have to provide a platform for such statements; rather, they constitute a blatant violation of these terms of use. It is a pity that this still needs to be explicitly mentioned in the 21st century.

World domination

No, don't worry, I don't want to grab it (no time). Even if it now shakes the worldview of some people: Illuminati (greetings from Ingolstadt), hollow world aliens or mystical grouping or enemy XY are not the secret string-pullers. The world is actually ruled by the aunt of a plush cuddly toy horse named Tschoni (read: »Jonny«). You can also adress him with his offical title "Prünz" (= "prince" in a german and very royal pronounciation). He loves pizzas more than anything and by opening an account you explain to them both your content loyalty and gratitude. But honestly: The world would be a much cooler place if stuffed animals were in charge.

Account and contributions

Do you accept these terms of use and the privacy policy? Great, then you can create an account and participate in the different areas of the website. If you are tired of it, you can block or delete your account. Brand names, company names, names of other real people or web addresses may not be chosen as nicknames.

You can create posts and edit or delete them if necessary. By submitting a contribution you grant me a non-exlusive and revocable right (delete function!) to make your content permanently available for retrival. Please stick to the topic, avoid duplicate postings and do not post any advertisements, pictures, hyperlinks or copyrighted material from third parties.

I reserve the right to check contributions in advance and, if necessary, not to activate them. Posts that violate these terms of use or applicable law will be deleted. Depending on the type or serverity of the violation, the account is blocked or even deleted. Nobody has a claim to participation and I reserve the right to restrict or completly discontinue the entire offer or parts of it at any time without prior notice. I will announce changes to these terms of use in the news area.